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About Tina Skurla
Dignity Memorial PrePlanning Advisor

I love my life filled with family and friends nearby. I have an innate passion for the country music industry but my heart lies in helping people. I enjoy my charity work with Rotary and seeing the rewards of my labor throughout the world. I am motivated, driven, and deeply passionate about life and work and doing what's right. When I commit, I see things through no matter what. I look forward to each day bringing new opportunities with no regrets. I hope to leave a legacy as "the one that gave her all". ​

Life is short and making sure your loved ones do not have to make the difficult decisions after your death is my commitment to you. Together we will design your final arrangements so your family doesn't have to. 

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A company that is dedicated to compassionately supporting families at difficult times, celebrating the significance of lives that have been lived and preserving memories that transcend generations, with dignity and honor.

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